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D E L I R I U M ~ what is your?

Rio de Janeiro

D E L I R I U M ~ what is your?


Hello. My name is Alessandra. But, it can call me Leka ^_^
I have 19 years, and i am a Brazilian girl. Therefore my English is sucks! x__x Does not kill me XDD
INTERESTS design, photography, art, web design. And harry potter (potter > live hahhaha!). Mine I love for Harry Potter is a case the part. It goes beyond the reason. My ships is R/Hr, D/G and SS/LE <3
colors.. I LOVE colors! Skins! The best teen sereie ever! And love Gossip Girl (books and tvserie) and LOOOST! I really love Lost x) (Sawyer and Kate ever)
MUSIC YOUNG LOVE, The All-American Rejects, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Switchfoot, The Bravery, Kelly Clarkson, Black Eyed Peas, Nelly Furtado, Nickelback, Pitty, Goo Goo Dolls, The Gossip, Harry Potter Sondtrack, Skins and Gossip Girl Sondtrack.
TV harry potter, lost, skins, the OC, gossip girl, kyle xy, heroes, ANTM

100x100, adam brody, adobe, adobe image ready, adobe photoshop, alan rickman, alice cullen, antm, art, bases, bella swan, bella/jacob, beyonce, billy black, blair waldorf, blends, bonnie wright, books, breaking dawn, brushes, candy, carlisle cullen, charlie swan, collage, colors, contest, corel, cos, crise, cullen, d/g shipper, dan humphrey, daniel radcliffe, design, draco, draco malfoy, draw, eclipse, edward collen, edward cullen, emma watson, emmett cullen, eric van der woodsen, esme cullen, fanfiction, fashion, ferris bueller's day off, fonts, forks, fred weasley, gimp, ginny weasley, gossip girl, graphic design, graphics, graphics help, graphics tutorials, harry potter, harry potter icons, harry potter movies, hermione, hermione granger, heroes, hogwarts, hp, hp icons, icon extras, icon help, icon tutorial, icon tutorials, icons, illustrator, image ready, images, internet, j k rowling, j. k. rowling, j/b, jacob black, jacob/bella, james, jasper hale, jasper whitlock-hale, jenny humphrey, jkr, journal icons, kristen, kristen stewart, kyle xy, laurent, leighton meester, livejournal icons, lj icons., luna lovegood, making icons, malfoys, midnight sun, mischa, mischa barton, movies, music, nate archibald, new moon, photo, photography, photoshop, pictures, poa, portfolio, r/h shipper, resours, robert pattinson, romance, ron weasley, ron/hermione, rowling, rup, rupert grint, sawyer, sawyer/kate, serena van der woodsen, severus snape, skins, slytherin, smallville, stephenie meyer, summer, supernatural, textures, the o.c, tom felton, tom riddle, tutorial, twilight, twilight graphics, vampires, victoria, voldemort, weasley, weasleys, werewolves