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I'm back! Again!
uh .. I will try to post more times now and talk less.
The college takes all my time. Despite love doing design, design seems to be that the college has not yet entered in my area of interest that is more or less the editorial, handling and etc. ..
As things that I post here
But I'm having a great experience in drawing and painting, another day I put some work for you enjoy. Today we put a high contrast that I made to the terms of Means and Methods of Representation of college.
Anyway ... I'm talking too much right now (:
Finally I would like to share with people my flickr super sweet comment that my work here:
The link will find photos (other art that I love) and my other things. As soon begin a project of printing of shirts and other items of dressing room and posting there (:

So today we have the menu


[12] Harry Potter
[7] Skins
[6] Olsen Twins
[4] Stock


[6] Banners

My English still bad, so excuse any failure (:


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I'm back

Hey, finally I'm back to post here! I thought this page was full of spiderwebs, but when I felt homesickness, there wasn't another way.
And I really love livejournal x).
My giant vacations were great. Every holiday, every moment in the beach... all was fantastic; I would like so much to live forever in vacations!
However, I've finished the school and I'll do something I love: Design in College! It isn't a bad thing, then (:
I'm learning to draw, too. Who knows if some terrible fanarts are to come?
And I've felt in love with more things, incredibly. I really don't know how I can love so many things, haha. I've finished to read the series Twilight, and I'm stunning! The books are perfects! I can't wait to see the movie... Robert is Edward, by the way *_* He always was a perfect Cedric. I'll like Edward just because Robert is him: after the New Moon, I didn't felt sympathy with him anymore. In the other hand, Jacob is the REALLY perfect one. He has to stay with Bella, they're perfects together... all the wolves are perfect! And I'd enjoy a fight between Jacob and Edward, just to Jack finished him and start to laugh after that, hahaha (this is my slytherin spirit). So you know I am more J/B than ever.
So... stopping to talk: there are icons, banners and blends. Finally I've made something about Skins, my second favourite series of alltime (Maxxie is amazing in this season, but I want Sid and Cass back, i_i).
I am preparing a tutorial on the result of the previous poll. Thank you all answer that. (:

Well... That's all, folks. I'm back.

Harry Potter Icons
[15] Twilight Icons
Skins Icons
[05] Mary Kate and Ashlay Olsen Icons
[15] Nature/Fashion/Stock Icons
[11] Banners
[05] Blends


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; 57 icons, 12 banners, 4 blends and 3 texture sets

This is my last post of the year. So, merry christmas everyone. I hope 2008 will be
better than 2007!IUAHHAIHA.
You know, the same wishes. ^___^
And I'm not gonna post here for a while because I'm going to traavel - Brazil is beautiful and I have to explore it -, this LJ is gonna be on hiatus. But only until the next year's beginning. I think I expressed all my creativity on this post. Icons and banners from HP (as aways, my deathly addiction x_o). And from Gossip Girl, that I'm simply more and more addicted (Blair and Chuck are soooo beatiful *_*). Arts of Lost too (the anxiety is huuge >_>). And ohhh... I'm posting my first set of textures. I'm starting with this now... and they're not too bad for a newbie HAHAHAHAH. All the photographs were taken by me. I really love to take pictures.Well, that's it...

There are:

[20] Harry Potter Icons
[10] Gossip Girl Icons
[15] Lost Icons
[12] Fashion Icons
[12] Banners - Harry Potter, Gossip Girl, Lost, Fashion -
[04] Blends
[04] Texture Set



And pleeease... answer the poll at the end of the post! It's gonna help me a
lot. bye and merry christmas... ho ho ho HAHAHHAAH :*

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- my resource list

And finally, there is my resource list! It's not complete yet, but it's better than nothing riiight? Check out the gold mine! If I used something made by you and you're not on the list, please please comment here. I have such a lame memory!

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; 47 icons, 19 banners and 3 blends

- Another uninspired post by a girl whose computer is freaking oout.
To fresh my mind, I made a lot of banners - my passion - and the icons are crappy as usual. HAHAHA.
I'm working to bring my website back and I'd love if you could check my layout and tell me if it's too sucky.
I obviously have no selfesteem. XD


Harry Potter Icons
Scarlet Icons
Model Icons
[12] Harry Potter Banners
Gossip Girl Banner
[06] Model Banners

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; 30 icons, 6 banners and 1 blend

Ahaaaaaa! Another update! This time I made icons, banners and a header. Keep acting like my English doesn't suck and everything will be alright! XD
I'm working on my resource list. The thing is I just started using LJ those days and I have no idea where I get most of the things I use! Still, I'm working hard on my spy/super girl skills to find out my own sources. HAHAHA.

Hm,  I had to change the layout because something turned reeally wrong while I was installing my new mood. I'm not super happy with this code, though. Does anyone know a good LJ layouts community?

Enough talking! Enjoy the graphics, people!

[10] Harry Potter Icons
[10] Emma Watson Icons
[10] Gossip Girl Icons
[02] Harry Potter Banners
[03] Gossip Girl Banners
[01] Model Banner
[01] Gossip Girl Blend

T E A S E R S:


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